Trustee network – resources

This is the page where we can help Trustees and Management Committee members access relevant resources.

Click this link for the leading National Network organisation

Charity Trustee Networks

An introduction to being a Trustee

A word from Charity Trustee Networks

Code of Governance can be found here

To find out what Management Committees should read this; What Management Committees Should Know

Codes of conduct for Trustees and Management Committee members is of exceptional importance, you can find your guide here

An online training session for Trustees can be found here

A presentation from Kevin Curley

(Making an impact in challenging times)

2016 sees the launch of a Trustee News letter and there is the first one attached below as an example of what we cover

Trustee newsletter March 2016 final

Trustee Network Northants Making an impact in challenging times – 15 ways to stay positive 16 November 2015