We offer the following training sessions:-

  • Basic Fundraising – packed with information about fundraising this course shows how to research and prepare a case and prove a need for funding, and how to approach funders. This course does not cover individual or company giving, donations, legacies, funding events or appeals.
  • Developing a Strategic Funding Plan – working out what fundraising activity you need to do, and how and when you need to do it, is an important task for any organisation, A strategic funding plan helps to make sure that your organisation has the right level and types of funding and finance it needs, when it needs them, so that you can achieve your mission.
  • Developing a Business Plan – a business plan supports and explains in greater depth how well-placed your group is to effectively deliver key outcomes. Find out what the most successful business plans include and how they are put together.
  • Sustainable Fundraising – We live in a challenging climate for fundraising but there are also new opportunities for surviving and flourishing. Spreading the risk by taking advantage of a range of funding options ensures that you will be best placed to take advantage of emerging trends and able to secure your financial future without sacrificing independence or mission.

We plan to run these regularly throughout the year; but they can also be provided as bespoke services to individual organisations.

Asking for money is often uncomfortable but:-

  • It is usually more uncomfortable for the asker than the person being asked
  • Most people enjoy giving it (it makes them feel good!)”