Payroll Comprehensive Service

Here at CVS we provide a fully computerised Payroll service with friendly and helpful staff. There is a small monthly charge per employee.  

What you receive :-

We will provide advice and assistance with all aspects of PAYE and help you to understand the process involved in becoming registered with the Inland Revenue

We also:-

  • Provide monthly payslips
  • Make payments to your staff through the bank if required
  • Provide you with all details to pay the Inland Revenue or pay them on your behalf
  • Issue all forms relating to staff and the Inland Revenue
  • Issue you with completed year-end forms P14s and P60s for all staff
  • Deal directly with the Inland Revenue
  • Calculate SSP, SMP and SAP
  • Pay and operate working tax credit benefits etc
  • Claim SSP and SMP on your behalf when appropriate, and issue when necessary, completed SSP1 and SMP1
  • Help and give you support and advice on all aspects of payroll
  • Supply you with basic contract of terms and conditions of employment
  • Provide you with help-line support
  • Issue legislation updates
  • Give general personnel advice
  • Provide information sheets produced by CVS Community Accounting .


If you need less support in your level of service, please see our

alternative payroll service.

 Please click the link below for a handy leaflet setting out our valuable service elements.

CVS Comprehensive Payroll Service Leaflet