Independent examination of accounts

Independent Examination Of Accounts

If you are not clear about what an Independent Examination is and why your group needs one – go to introduction.

To view the Charity Commission’s description of  what an Independent Examiner does and needs to do, and what type of qualifications are needed, go to:-

Here at CVS Northamptonshire, we provide a well established and highly competent professional service of Independent Examination of accounts which comply completely with the charity Commission’s SORP accounting rules.

With the increasing level of legislation being introduced in this area, it is more essential than ever to maintain compliance within the SORP rules, and CVS are always updating and developing our services to be in line with all the necessary legislation – so you do not need to – just let us provide this expertise, while you get on with your core purpose, helping your users and satisfying your clients.

If you would like a more comprehensive information document – please click the file below.

CVS Independent Examination leaflet