Fund raising

Fundraising is about building a partnership between two organisations who share the same objectives. The partnership operates by you doing the work and the funder giving the financial support. So you are not begging for money; you are trying to engage someone with your work

Funding is such a key element of our sector that it demands and deserves attention to detail.

The best way to approach the need for support is to develop a strategic plan.

You need to map out every organisational requirement and match them to potential support streams.

This has proved to be the most successful way to proceed with this varied and complex subject.

CVS can provide the following types of fundraising support:-

  • FUNDER SEARCH Service.
  • BIDWRITE service.
  • Business Planning – assistance in preparation of  Business Plans
  • Training sessions in fundraising

Since we introduced these services we have completed 46 Funder Searches for large and small organisations throughout Northamptonshire and beyond. Funding bids have been prepared for a number of organisations and a total of over £350,000 has been raised for them as a result of these bids.

The CVS funding support service has been invaluable to our organisation and service users, as we have been able to provide key projects due to their professional support.  We have also benefitted from 5 year business planning support which has given our charity a strategic approach

(Sikh Community Centre and Youth Club)