As managers the responsibility for ensuring proper accounting records, internal controls and the preparation of accounts rests with you!

How can you meet this legal requirements ?

CVS provides a bespoke bookkeeping and accounting service tailored to the needs of your organisation

  • You no longer have to worry if the only person who knows your accounting system leaves
  • You save on staff time allowing them to concentrate on the work/management of the group
  • No need to worry whether you are meeting accounting requirements
  • Skilled, experienced staff carry out your accounting needs
  • As your organisation grows, our staff will help you with changes to your systems and internal controls
  • Someone at the end of the phone to answer those difficult questions!
  • Friendly – skilled – experienced staff provide you with the reliable service you need
  • Rely on us to relieve the pressures!


For more information click  on this link – Bookkeeping Accounting