Bid writing

This service is a full bid-writing service for any type of funding application.

Funders can be very demanding:-

“The trust looks for visionary proposals, often those that are considered radical or risky and great emphasis is placed on projects that are backed by strong leadership”.

(Barrow Cadbury Trust)


“The trust aims to ‘make a difference’; it does not support individuals or very small and narrowly specialised activities but, on the other hand, it tries to avoid ‘bottomless pits’ and unfocussed causes”.

(CHK Charities Ltd)


“We place great emphasis on funding projects that are developmental or innovative. We would like to enable things to happen that would not otherwise happen”.

(Charles Hayward Foundation)

This service can include any form of application, ranging from an initial submission to presentation of detailed second-stage proposals where an organisation has successfully completed a first-stage bid (and which may include the preparation of a business plan for a project).  Background research could also be included as part of this work. The service would be provided on the basis of  an hourly charge, but we would give an estimate of the time required at an initial meeting (if much of the background information was already available the time estimate would clearly be reduced).

Your application should answer the question “Why You?”.

It should :-

  • Be inspired – fundraising is about selling a good idea – your application needs to “stand out from the pile”.
  • Show value for money e.g. by helping a large number of people.
  • Indicate that it will be well managed – by including information about the skills of staff and trustees; and quotes to show support from other organisations
  • Demonstrate a good track record – by describing projects already completed successfully.