Alternative payroll service

Payroll Processing Service

Here at CVS we provide a fully computerised Payroll service but some organisations may only need a processing service for which there is a small monthly charge.

How does this service work ?

Each month you provide us with details of the amount to be paid to your staff. We calculate their pay, making the statutory deductions for tax, national insurance etc.

We send back to you printed payslips and a full set of payroll calcuations.

At the end of the year we print P14s, P60s and P35s.

You then:

Pay your staff and the Inland Revenue. Complete and send all forms received from/to the Inland Revenue. Complete year-end-forms after we have sent them to you.

As this is a processing service we provide no additional personnel support.

Note:- If you need a more in depth type of support it is  available when you use our Comprehensive Payroll Service .

For a handy guide that sets out our service in a simple and understandable way – please click the link below.

CVS Processing Payroll Service Leaflet